I grew up in a housing complex in the middle of many other housing complexes.

Down one block and across the street was the local fairgrounds.  Every summer a big fair would come through for about a month.  But in the eleven other months of the year it was mostly a gigantic, vacant parking lot.  On weekends it hosted a flea market.  But other than that it was a place to skateboard, smoke weed and get away from home.

Across the other street by my home was a local university.  My dad taught (teaches) there.  I grew up going to their basketball games, skateboarding all over the place and running from campus security.

A couple of my friends and I would even climb up onto the top of the school’s library and run around on the roof.  We’d pretend we were fighting off aliens like in starship troopers (which I wasn’t allowed to watch) and cause all sorts of trouble.  We even peed off the side of the building once.

Unfortunately the ONE time we peed off the library security caught us and I got a lecture about how I should behave better because of who my dad is.

Thankfully they didn’t know we had peed off the building, just that we had been running around.  I think they were actually students of the school who did security as well.  Lucky we didn’t get caught by the real hard asses!

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